Pipe conveyor system:

Rohrfoerderanlage Kellner Siebtechnik

As a standard solution for the feeding of screening machines or other processing machines, we offer our tube conveyor RF. As with all machines and systems of KELLNER Siebtechnik GmbH, we also rely on our modular system to be able to offer individual solutions. Our RF system was designed so that the screenings can be unloaded directly as bagged goods or pre-screened via a sieve insert before being transported on to the machine. You can buy exactly the technology that you actually need in daily practice. In the same way, our machines in the RF series are characterised by constructive benefits and simple upgrade solutions





KELLNER Siebtechnik - Tube Conveyor Machine Series RF - Made in Germany

You can even benefit from our concept!


  •  Wet and dry screening


  • Pit diameter 1000 mm
  • Length of tube conveyor: 2000 up to 4000 mm (in 500mm steps)
  • Diameter oft he tube conveyor: 100, 150 & 200 mm (inner diameter)
  • Operator Panel for maximum comfort


  • Sieving insert for rough pre-screening
  • Flexible hoses
  • Quick release
  • Special hood
  • ATEX

RF 01 RF 02

*Technical data subject to change without notice.


Technical Information

Service performance: 1 kg/h – 10.000 kg/h
Cross cut: 20 μm – 20 mm
Screen surface: Perforated sheet, woven plastics, stainless steel mesh
Number of screen decks: 1 machine
Screen cleaning: Balls, ultrasonic
Surface: Glass bead blasted
Screen movement: Three dimensional, optimised for product and performance

*Technical data subject to change without notice.

RF dimensions 100 150 200
Pit diameter 1000 1000 1000
Drive power (kW) slug 2 3 4
Drive power (kW) pit 0,18 0,18 0,18
Output (m²/h) ca. 2,5 ca. 3,5 ca. 4,5
Delivery height 2,0m slug (mm) 1648
Delivery height 2,5m slug (mm) 1998
Delivery height 3,0m slug (mm) 2348
Delivery height 3,5m slug (mm) 2698
Delivery height 4,0m slug (mm) 3048
A. diameter of conveyor (mm) 114,3 168,3 219,1
Length of conveyor (m) 2,0m / 2,5m / 3,0m / 3,5m / 4,0m
Weight (kg) On Request
Optional 1 deck with sieve yes yes yes
Optional with hood yes yes yes
Operator panel Standard
Height Conveyor (mm) 2070 - 3470
Delivery height of Conveyor (mm) 1648 - 3048
Footprint (mm) 1138 x 2759 - 4159

*Technical data subject to change without notice.


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